Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rug Pad Review

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Rug Pad USA.  They provided me with a pad to review but all opinions are my own.

Little boys running laps around the kitchen island with dish towels thrown over their shoulders, pretending to be superheroes is commonplace around the Martin house.  Superheroes doubling as ice skaters that is.  You see a rug without a rug pad adds an extra layer of slip sliding fun for these boys.  A few months back I put a new runner down in front of the sink that was a bit smaller than my old runner and an odd size to get a rug pad off the shelf.  So in true Martin fashion I've ignored it and fixed my constantly moving rug a dozen times a day.

Then a real life superhero by the name, Rug Pad USA, stepped in and offered to send me a rug pad to review.  Kapow.  Yes please.  They have a bunch of rug pads in a variety of types and prices to choose from.  I chose the eco-cushion non-slip rug pad.  I'm not a crunchy-granola-eco-nut but when it comes to products my kids will be exposed to I like to choose natural products when possible.

My favorite feature though is that while they have lots of size options you can also choose to either have it custom cut or to have them cut anywhere from 1" to 1.5" of all sides so that it fits your rug perfectly.  I chose the latter option for my odd sized rug and it is perfect.  

I've had it down for a few days and it hasn't shifted at all yet.   The extra cushion while I'm playing short order cook is pretty awesome too.  I'm a convert.  I will definitely be swapping out my current rug pads for these new ones.

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