Thursday, October 22, 2015

One Room Challenge - Room #1, Week #3

Not a big exciting update this week.  Week 3 and I'm starting to think the couch will not be here for another month.  Womp, womp.

This week I painted the walls Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.  I've used it in a few other rooms and love it because it can read warm or cool (depending on the furnishings), can sometimes be gray, green or taupe (depending on the light).  Magic.

I figured I'd liked it in this room too but the existing trim color was throwing me.  It was color matched 5 years ago to our kitchen cabinets and worked fine with the yellow/linen treatment I had on the walls then but against the new wall color it just looked dingy.  I'm probably the only one on the planet who was bugged by this but I'm much happier with the new trim.

It is Benjamin Moore Acadia White.  This was the same trim paint used in the house I grew up in and my family lovingly calls it by its formula # "925."  The families who learn paint chips by their numbers together, stays together.  

In case you can't believe I've already used so many words on the color white I'll continue to beat the dead horse.  I once read a quote from Lindsay Bierman of Southern Living magazine that was spot on.  He  recommended this white for when "you just want a room to be 'warm white,' meaning not too yellow or too peachy or too anything else...Don't overthink this - I've already done enough agonizing for everyone, and I can say for sure that it works pretty much anywhere, unless you're going for museum-like sterility."

Museum-like is never going to be a description of my home so back to 925 tried and true.

Hopefully the other participants have used less than 100 words to describe white - check out their progress here!
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