Thursday, October 8, 2015

Two Room Challenge - Week 1, Room #1

Does it drive you crazy that I move on to another space before ever really showing you the finished space of the last post?  Me too.  The reality is that we never really finish anything.  Hopefully I can show you the basement slider in the next few weeks.  Don't hold your breath though.

So as long as it already looks like a bomb went off in my house and I'm spending money like it is going out of style why not add another room to the mix?  Linda, from Calling It Home is hosting the One Room Challenge again (a bunch of like-minded lunatics redo rooms in 6 weeks) but I may double down and attempt a Two Room Challenge.  That's right - 2 rooms in 6 weeks.  Bring it.  One was planned, the other was not.

I was ready for a change in the family room.  The couch was 6 years old (not terribly long but when you consider that those 6 years included countless kid stomach bugs, 3 potty training boys, etc. it was time).  Then Piper ate the rug.

The room started like this the day we moved in.  Salmon walls with a coordinating salmon cornice box.  Big window and door.  A hot mess.

Lots of brick and an itty bitty fireplace insert:

So we swapped the window and door for a big slider to the deck:

Pulled out the brick and added a stone fireplace and built-in's.

All 100% DIY with newborns, mind you.  We were are crazy.  I can feel that brick dust in my nose just looking at this picture.  And this is what the room is looking like today.  A couch the color of dirt was strategic.  It is completely fine and I still like it.  Just don't look close - it is gross.

This room redesign was intentional.  A renovation of room #2 was not.  I'll show you that one tomorrow.  Here we go!

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