Saturday, October 31, 2015

One Room Challenge - Week 4, Room #1

Ain't no way I'm finishing either of these rooms in 6 weeks.  Maybe 8.  Not bad for 2 rooms but I cannot wait until I can stop cleaning my kitchen with a shop vac.  Warning, this will be the most boring post ever.

So I think I told you already that I painted the family room Revere Pewter?

Well I decided to carry that into the kitchen which I don't love.  See how blah it looks against the creamy cabinets, above the window?  Ignore the mess - that's what my counters look like pretty much all the time lately.

But I didn't want to introduce another color into the room.  What to do, what to do...  Enter my genius mom.  She suggested a window treatment, hung high to cover the wall.  I took it one step further and bought another drapery panel that I'm using in the family room.  Love this pattern.

Next problem.  Because this is a triple window it would be pretty expensive to have a roman shade made and I'd hate to spend a lot because I don't even need it to be functional.  I considered tension rods but I couldn't find one big enough so that it wouldn't sag in the middle.

Aha.  Shower curtain rods!  Jackpot!  I hung one rod just below the crown in between the 2 cabinets.  Draped the drape over the top rod.  Then I hung a second rod below that and looped the drape over that.

Voila.  A custom roman shade that can be changed out fairly easily and inexpensively.

Why am I getting side tracked on my kitchen?  I already have a few open wounds already.  Back to the family room.  I'm finally accepting that my couch won't be here for another few weeks.  The upside is that I now have time to do the project I've been putting off for about 7 years.  Patching and painting the ceiling.

After all of the construction we've done in our house we've ended up with a ton of nail pops in the family room.

Step 1 = dig out all the drywall around the nails.  Then hammer the nails back up and drive a screw in right next to the nail so that the heads overlap each other.

Step 2: fill all the holes.  I used the spackle that goes on pink, dries white.  A great opportunity to mess with the kids and tell them I'm planning a pink polka dot ceiling.

Step 3: Sand.  This sucked.  I'm going to be blowing spackle boogers for a week.

Step 4: Paint.  Again another opportunity to mess with the kids.  Goes on pink, dries white.  Glidden should totally get the Nobel DIY prize.

Done.  It is still far from perfect but flat paint hides a lot of sins.

Sorry, super boring post this week!

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  1. I must say it's pretty genius the way you created the roman shade by using 2 shower rods. It looks great!!

  2. Love the Roman shade. Brilliant solution.

  3. Beautiful shade solution. I've been living with the drywall nails for several years now. I keep hoping to find a blogger that invents a way to make them look decorative so I can avoid spackle boogers ( and chiropractor bills). Surely one of you genius, crafty gals can come up with something!?

    Thanks for the inspiration, practical solutions and giggle.

  4. This is a lovely roman shade. You know, painting your gives it another beautiful look but you will have clean the floors of the painted room to avoid damage to floor coverings. This is great. Keep it up.