Thursday, February 27, 2014

Etsy Art

We live in a pretty cool world where I can bust open a browser and in a few clicks order some pretty cool art from across the globe.

I was originally planning on adding a ledge to the top of the wainscotting and lean picture frames against the wall from them but considering the ledge would be 60" off the ground and I am 60" off the ground this would most likely result in me hitting my head a lot.

To save my head I'm going to bag the ledge (for now...can be added later when I shoot up another 6" to my supermodel height) and instead go with art.  I found these awesome posters from Posterinspired at Etsy.  I like that they're still "kid" but not in your face themey. 
Bam.  In 3-5 days I'll have awesome art from Malaysia that didn't break the bank.  Pretty cool world.
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