Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We lost power after an ice storm last Tuesday.  It finally came back Saturday night.  I learned that I am very spoiled and extremely lucky for the modern amenities I've always taken for granted.  Before we got a generator we spent an extremely cold, dark night at home while it was 18 degrees outside.  Thankfully I could layer my  kids up with hats and blankets but for many this is a constant reality with no solution.  I'm so blessed it was temporary.

On a much less serious note we obviously couldn't use our power tools (apparently the fridge and heat are above the miter saw on the generator power priority list for most people) so instead I painted the room.  This is not the order to do things.  I normally paint the wall panel of the wainscotting first, then install the wainscotting, then paint the upper wall and final coats of the wainscotting last.  I went out of order because I didn't want to waste a weekend.

I chose Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy for the top and Benjamin Moore's Simply White for the bottom.  The white looks like a true white (no real gray or yellow undertones).  I like the sharp contrast.  
I spent about 45 seconds choosing the color and decided to be super crazy and not get a test pot but love love love the color.  Way darker than I'd normally go but it is the brightest room in the house and 2/3 of the room is painted white so it can get away with it.    

Ignore the fact that I didn't cut in.  Crown will be going up.

It'll need a 2nd coat but I was impressed with the 1st coat coverage.  Love that Benjamin Moore.

You can get a general idea of how high the wainscoting will be.

Green tape marks the studs because pencil marks would be been too faint.

So now I wait for heat and power for the miter saw.

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  1. It is really too bad that you had to go through this. We were 3 1/2 days without power (and water, since we're on a well) over Christmas, and I know exactly how miserable it can get. We eventually ended up moving out when the house got down to single digit temperatures. (I chronicled our adventures in this post: Funnily enough, I spent some of my time painting too. It's a good project that you can do without power.

    1. Ugh no water?! Now THAT is a hardship! Makes you appreciate power when you have it!! Love your blog!