Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tweaked Powder Room Design

So because we ended up pulling the drywall down it opened up new possibilities for us.  I really like wall paper but it is a lot of pressure to get something that is perfect and then I feel like I'm handcuffed into keeping it forever.

I'm also very tired of spending money at this point.  I have about 20 gallons (I'm not kidding) of paint in the basement and I really only needed a half gallon max so I dug around and wound up with tried and true Revere Pewter.  There aren't many spaces where this color won't work.  This is the same color in the family room so it'll leave the 1st floor looking cohesive.

The next hiccup was the mirror and the light.  We figured as long as we were pulling down the drywall why not rewire the lighting for an overhead rather than a sconce? I prefer sconces but the room is so small that there is almost no sconce that will fit.  I bought an overhead light without taking the mirror into account.  Not so fast.

I love this West Elm mirror that we had in the room before but unfortunately it is 3" deep and the light (and most lights) have less than that in clearance between the light and the wall.  I will definitely repurpose this elsewhere.  Stay tuned.  So I searched high and low for a replacement.

It turns out I didn't need to look any further than my dining room.  I had this round, wood mirror that I scored from Target clearance for under $20 this summer.  The size and the price were right.

So now this is where we're headed and the finish line is in sight!!!

powder room

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

One Room Challenge: Room 2, Week 6

Well we didn't finish either room in 6 weeks but at least we're close.  The family room is done but the couch won't be delivered for another couple of weeks.  Probably a blessing in disguise considering my house is covered in a layer of fine spackle dust.  Each time I type 'spackle' my computer wants to autocorrect to 'sparkle.'  Makes me giggle each time. 

I was able to remove the above wall paper in under 20 minutes but unfortunately the walls beneath it were already on its last legs and basically only held up by the dozen or so coats of paint I've put on them.  So we ripped everything down.  

The bad news is that it set us back a week.  The good news is that we were able to upgrade everything in the room (add a fan and an outlet, fix some old wiring, add a new light fixture, etc.).  There is not a single thing from the original room that was kept.  Even the subfloor went.

New drywall was hung, followed by mud, sand repeat for about a week.   I painted the top half of the wall using some leftover Revere Pewter.  

The bottom half gets all the leftover bead board from the porch project that I never showed you the final product on (b/c we honestly never finished it!  Maybe next year).

Sean swapped the ugly dental crown molding with the molding that matches the rest of our house and it was painted out with Benjamin Moore Acadia White.

And now I'm currently in this cycle.  Prime, wall paint, trim paint, ceiling paint.

Of all the places this dog could choose to sleep he chooses the 3'x5' construction zone.  I think we picked the perfect dog for our family.

 I'm hoping one more week and then we can call this room done.  Check out the other participants here (hopefully they're not still painting!).

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

One Room Challenge - Week 4, Room #2

It feels like we've been talking about this 3x5' floor forever right?  I feel ya.

We painstakingly measured and remeasured and remeasured.

Then finally we laid all the tile.

With the help of a 4 legged supervisor.

Done!  The grout looks pretty white now but it will (IT HAS TO!) dry gray.  

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One Room Challenge - Week 4, Room #1

Ain't no way I'm finishing either of these rooms in 6 weeks.  Maybe 8.  Not bad for 2 rooms but I cannot wait until I can stop cleaning my kitchen with a shop vac.  Warning, this will be the most boring post ever.

So I think I told you already that I painted the family room Revere Pewter?

Well I decided to carry that into the kitchen which I don't love.  See how blah it looks against the creamy cabinets, above the window?  Ignore the mess - that's what my counters look like pretty much all the time lately.

But I didn't want to introduce another color into the room.  What to do, what to do...  Enter my genius mom.  She suggested a window treatment, hung high to cover the wall.  I took it one step further and bought another drapery panel that I'm using in the family room.  Love this pattern.

Next problem.  Because this is a triple window it would be pretty expensive to have a roman shade made and I'd hate to spend a lot because I don't even need it to be functional.  I considered tension rods but I couldn't find one big enough so that it wouldn't sag in the middle.

Aha.  Shower curtain rods!  Jackpot!  I hung one rod just below the crown in between the 2 cabinets.  Draped the drape over the top rod.  Then I hung a second rod below that and looped the drape over that.

Voila.  A custom roman shade that can be changed out fairly easily and inexpensively.

Why am I getting side tracked on my kitchen?  I already have a few open wounds already.  Back to the family room.  I'm finally accepting that my couch won't be here for another few weeks.  The upside is that I now have time to do the project I've been putting off for about 7 years.  Patching and painting the ceiling.

After all of the construction we've done in our house we've ended up with a ton of nail pops in the family room.

Step 1 = dig out all the drywall around the nails.  Then hammer the nails back up and drive a screw in right next to the nail so that the heads overlap each other.

Step 2: fill all the holes.  I used the spackle that goes on pink, dries white.  A great opportunity to mess with the kids and tell them I'm planning a pink polka dot ceiling.

Step 3: Sand.  This sucked.  I'm going to be blowing spackle boogers for a week.

Step 4: Paint.  Again another opportunity to mess with the kids.  Goes on pink, dries white.  Glidden should totally get the Nobel DIY prize.

Done.  It is still far from perfect but flat paint hides a lot of sins.

Sorry, super boring post this week!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

One Room Challenge - Room #2, Week 3

Who says you don't need math?  There was a lot of math involved in this floor design.  Herringbone floors are pretty but I never gave much thought to the actual process of getting it to look pretty.  This was our inspiration and look how perfect those tiles we need to get ours looking that way.

You see if you don't have a perfectly square space (and who does?) then the herringbone will get all out of whack at some point in the room. To combat that we laid a border tile that was exactly square (the bead board will hide any gaps) and then began to figure out the herringbone pattern from there.

Complicated step #2 is figuring out how big the tiles should be and how to lay them in order to reduce the number of cuts and strange triangles on the end.  In our case, this meant tiles that were 3 13/16" x 7 3/4" with 1/8" tile spacers.  Got all that?

Complicated step #3 is deciding where the 1st tile should be laid and then work off that.  If that first tile isn't perfect then the entire design will get off track.  Sean drew diagonal lines from corner to corner of our square border and then worked off of that.

It is a very good thing that one of us is a turd polisher perfectionist (spoiler alert - it isn't me!).

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

One Room Challenge - Room #1, Week #3

Not a big exciting update this week.  Week 3 and I'm starting to think the couch will not be here for another month.  Womp, womp.

This week I painted the walls Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.  I've used it in a few other rooms and love it because it can read warm or cool (depending on the furnishings), can sometimes be gray, green or taupe (depending on the light).  Magic.

I figured I'd liked it in this room too but the existing trim color was throwing me.  It was color matched 5 years ago to our kitchen cabinets and worked fine with the yellow/linen treatment I had on the walls then but against the new wall color it just looked dingy.  I'm probably the only one on the planet who was bugged by this but I'm much happier with the new trim.

It is Benjamin Moore Acadia White.  This was the same trim paint used in the house I grew up in and my family lovingly calls it by its formula # "925."  The families who learn paint chips by their numbers together, stays together.  

In case you can't believe I've already used so many words on the color white I'll continue to beat the dead horse.  I once read a quote from Lindsay Bierman of Southern Living magazine that was spot on.  He  recommended this white for when "you just want a room to be 'warm white,' meaning not too yellow or too peachy or too anything else...Don't overthink this - I've already done enough agonizing for everyone, and I can say for sure that it works pretty much anywhere, unless you're going for museum-like sterility."

Museum-like is never going to be a description of my home so back to 925 tried and true.

Hopefully the other participants have used less than 100 words to describe white - check out their progress here!
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Friday, October 16, 2015

Two Room Challenge - Week #2, Room #2

Hi again.  Week 2 of my self-imposed Two Room Challenge (you can check out the other participants here).  Head spinning yet?  I am.  The amount of demolition dust in my house is insane slash totally normal for us.   

Today is the powder room.  A reminder of we looked like a couple weeks ago...

...and how we look today.

The overall look I'm hoping for (though maybe I'll replace the wallpaper while we're at it?  I mean, it is 8 months old after all).

We're still in a hurry up and wait stance with the plumber so in the meantime we choose tile.  I love this herringbone slate floor (coincidentally from prior One Room Challenge participant!):

Because this is a very high traffic bathroom with boys who can't aim I'm going to go with a porcelain rather than natural slate.  This is a pretty good fake (it even feels real).  We bought it in 8" x 32" tiles and we're going to cut it down to 3 13/16" (got that?) x 7 3/4"...and when I say "we"...

My brother drafted up the design so we finalize the layout before we actually started cutting the tiles.  The hard part about herringbone is that you can't just cut tiles and lay them down.  In order for the design to work out perfectly you have to take into account the grout lines.  Hence the reason for the crazy 3 13/16" measurements.

No one should be surprised I asked the husband for the most complicated tile layout I could imagine.  I'm the same person who also sweet talked him into building me a crazy complicated gable :)  I think he still likes me.

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