Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Organization

This is what my deck usually looks like most summer evenings.  Swim trunks hanging off furniture, getting the cushions soaked, and towels, hung over the deck railing and eventually falling into the mulch below.  I’m not complaining about the sight of little boy swim trunks because seriously there is nothing cuter but…
           20120609-IMG_3001    20120609-IMG_2992
…extra laundry does make me angry.
3 messy boys + 1 blank wall = an idea:
A set of hooks and  buckets for life jackets, water shoes and pool toys.  I found the buckets at my 2nd home (the paint isle at Home Depot of course).
                                 20120616-IMG_3213      20120616-IMG_3201
                 20120616-IMG_3212      20120616-IMG_3206
Happy summer!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Warming Up A Cool Room

I love our new master bath floor:
CarreraBathroomAfter       20120429-IMG_2018
It is a huge improvement over this mess:
The downside of marble is that it is inherently cool, slippery and stains.  I found our solution to all 3 with the West Elm Ikat Links Rug.
                           20120615-IMG_3169    20120615-IMG_3178
I like that it adds a little edge to a very traditional room.
Much better.

Monday, June 11, 2012

iCan’t Stand the Wires!

Thanks to all the iPhones, iPads, work phones, etc. we are left with this tangled mess that I’m pretty sure just about everyone can relate to:

                                        20120611-IMG_3044    20120611-IMG_3041

The only thing I may have more of than wires is baby soap thanks to little boys who seem to get dirt in crevices I wasn’t even aware of:


I traced my phone on the empty soap container with a Sharpie.  Note to self: put the Sharpie away before a 3 ft tall creature attempts to write on your dining room wall with it.


Cut the plastic doing your best to not lose a finger or thumb in the process.  Texting would be a total drag without a thumb.  Lay the cut out container on fabric to determine the size you’ll need.


Sand the edges to smooth out any rough edges.  Coat the container with Modge Podge and wrap the container like a present (I put the seam in the back and the bottom).  Let dry 12 hours.


Voila!  I spent a total of 20 minutes on it, used materials I had on hand and still have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs.  Can’t beat that!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Cowboy Birthday Party!

We celebrated our baby’s 1st birthday party over the weekend.  I still can’t believe that was our last 1st birthday party…sniff, sniff…ok, moving on.

We welcomed our guests in cowboy style with a “Howdy” sign made of rope.


To get in the cowboy spirit we asked everyone to ‘git their gear’ on their way in (bandanas and sheriff’s stars).



Even the 4 legged cowboys got into the swing of things.

                                   20120602-IMG_2778  20120602-IMG_2774

The kids panned for gold (play sand, pie tins with holes cut out and fake gold coins from the party store).  This cost less than $10 and my kids are STILL playing with it.


                    20120602-IMG_2861     20120602-IMG_2840

                                        20120602-IMG_2870     20120602-IMG_2879

We had a cowboy boot pinata




The kids were given their own special meal of PB&J, apple sauce and “cow chow” served in a berry pint container and tied with twine and a tag that said “good grub.”


I made a sign for the birthday boy’s high chair using paisley JPG’s found on google and some paisley ribbon.  We used a bandana for his bib.


The cowboys and cowgirls were each sent home with a good bag full of cowboy themed goodies, tied with twine and the 1st letter of their names made out of twine. 

To make rope letters or signs mix 1/4 cup of Elmers glue, 1/8 cup cornstarch and a few tablespoons of water.  Dip the twine or rope in the mixture and form the letter, phrase or name on parchment paper and let dry for 24 hours.  I used this method to create the letters for the kids’ names and a ‘cowboy up’ sign for the beer.

Rope Letters

Last but not least a shot of the birthday boy himself with his birthday present (the few moments his brothers haven’t taken it from him).