Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wainscoting Trim and Holiday Trimmings

What up.  Been a while.  We tend to get 95% complete with a project and then stall.  We have some final trim pieces to install and the column wraps but we're kind of dragging our feet on that until we make a final decision on what to do with the floor.  If we replace the floor the porch will need to be jacked up and the floor jacked out.  That would destroy the column wraps and at over $100 per we want to do it once.

The other hurdle is that you cannot use PVC glue, caulk, putty or paint when the temperature dips below 50 degrees.  Considering we're expecting our first snow storm of the season tomorrow the final touches may have to wait until spring.

In the meantime Sean started working on the wainscoting trim for the gable inlay.   There will be some additional layered pieces but we're trying to get the design right first.  What you see below isn't even nailed in yet.

I had been eyeing these wreaths and garland from Pottery Barn.  I liked the the color the ornaments gave to the greenery.  At $70 for the garland, and $40 and $70 for the small and large wreaths I was looking at ~$300 to do my house.

So instead I bought 2 boxes of ornaments from Ikea for $8 each and wired up the old garland and wreaths we already had.  For something I'll use for 1 month out of the year I'll take my $16 decorations over $300 any day.

 Happy Thanksgiving!