Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Miracle Happened Today...

Not in the 'turned water into wine' or 'walked on water' sort but more of the 'bachelorette found true love on a reality television show,' 'my kids let me sleep in a Saturday,' or 'I found jeans that I didn't have to hem' sort of miracle.  Something truly amazing.  I found a way to make shoes 1/2 size too small fit perfectly.  But Meghan, how's that possible you ask?  Stop drooling and pick yourself up off the floor and read on.  You're embarrassing yourself.

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I bought flats from Old Navy that were a little too small.  While I hemmed and hawed on whether to exchange them for a bigger size is all my free time the return period ended.  Then I happened upon the above trick.

As I dried my hair this morning I put on a pair of chunky socks, put the shoes on over them then blow dried my shoes on the warmest setting for 5 minutes.  I left the shoes and socks on until they cooled.  Once cooled I removed the socks and low and behold they fit perfectly!

Friday, September 14, 2012

XY + XY + XY = Pink Bathroom Demolition

The 2nd floor hall bathroom (the “boys' bathroom”) was pink and dated when we moved in.  You can see in this before picture that the door opened up into the narrow hallway.  Also the heat lamp made the already pink bathroom even hotter (punny) by making the room fluorescent pink.  Our plans got rid of the baseboard heating (to be replaced with a towel warmer).  We lived with it for a couple years but the day my then 2 year old took a tile off the wall with his bare hands and handed it to me we figured it was time.  That and we were expecting baby #3 and since all of said babies had a Y chromosome the pink had to go.
So Christmas week Sean demo’ed the bathroom.  He’s a trooper.  This shot shows our solution in progress for the door that opened up into the narrow hallway, eating into the valuable real estate.  There used to be seldom used linen close to the left.  We traded that space in for a pocket door.
We used inexpensive 6x12 ceramic tiles in a neutral tan on the floor, smaller 4x4 on the walls and a band of 1x1” dark brown tiles as an accent band around the room.  The pink tub & toilet were replaced with white fixtures and a towel warmer was installed in lieu of the baseboard heater. 
The 60’s vanity was replaced with a shaker style single vanity and we were able to score a granite slab for a couple hundred bucks despite our cheapo budget because we didn’t need much.  It helped give the Home Depot vanity a higher end look.
IMG_1736  IMG_6229  20120909-IMG_4988
Simple brushed nickel fixtures and square under mount sink for a more modern look.
Sean and I had probably the biggest ‘debate’ of our marriage over whether to glaze the tub/toilet or to buy new. Our marriage survived, the pink tub & toilet did not and we made way for new white fixtures.  To the left you can see what we did with the new dead space since we lost the hall linen closet.  I think the cabinets cost more than the entire rest of the room due to the fact that they had to be built custom.  The insides are still empty as we’re trying to figure out what to do with a 9” cabinet.  It may not have a lot going on inside but it sure is pretty and we’re superficial like that.
IMG_1737 IMG_6230 20120909-IMG_5001
I still need to figure out what I’m doing with the wall color.  What’s there isn’t doing it for me.  You know I’ll keep you posted.
So if you’re keeping track we’ve now renovated 3 bathrooms in 3 years.  Would you expect anything less from the peeps who have 3 babies in 3 years?  Wait a minute they can’t be related can they??  Good thing I don’t have any more bathroom reno’s in my future…

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Party

We hosted a BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) pumpkin carving party.  We sent bat shaped invitations with finger cut-out’s to double as finger puppets.  Moms & Dads were invited to bring their little ghouls and ride their broomsticks on over.
For decorations we wrapped Tootsie Pops with tissues, wrapped with a ribbon and tied to sticks I found in the yard.
20111028-IMG_9039   20111028-IMG_9044
Doughnut holes with fake spiders created a squeamish setting
Even super heroes like to carve pumpkins!
A bowl of fake teeth helped those who didn’t have a costume get into the spirit.
Guest were asked to ‘pick their poison.’  The bar was stocked with ‘bat juice’ (juice boxes) and ‘witches brew’ (spiked apple cider).  I wrapped juice boxes with white electrical tape and added eyes to turn them into ghosts.
A rare October snow storm moved the pumpkin carving indoors.  Drop clothes were put down to catch stray pumpkin guts.
…and then of course, to add to the spooky ambience the power went out just as the food was served.  Good timing!  Nothing spookier than a dozen hungry toddlers {shudder}.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Break

We haven’t done a house project since June and haven’t done a major renovation since we finished the Master Bathroom in May.  What the heck have I been doing all summer?  Sitting on the couch eating bon-bons watching Phelps, Bolt and The Bachelorette?  Um, maybe a little.  Don’t judge me.  Mostly though we decided to slow down and savor the summer while the boys are so little.
There were trips to the lake:
Afternoons spent picking flowers:
Trips to the beach:
20120819-IMG_4139      20120819-IMG_4101      20120819-IMG_4316
Humidity induced curls:
Nose crinkling smiles:
Picnics outdoors:
Sneaking up and splashing your unsuspecting brother:
20120704-IMG_3562 20120704-IMG_3581 20120704-IMG_3554
20120704-IMG_3550  20120704-IMG_3571
Afternoons at the pool:
First tree climbs:
Hikes with family:
Learning to walk:
Scooter rides:
Wagon rides:
I wish I could bottle the smell of little boys in the summertime; sunscreen, dirt and grass as well as the perfect sounds of their giggles, splashes in the pool and squeals as they chase lightening bugs on summer nights.  How did I get so lucky as to have these lovable, sweet, messy, funny Martin Men in my life?  There is simply nothing better than family and I am so blessed with mine :)