Sunday, February 24, 2013

Choosing Paint

Remember when I said I wasn’t thrilled with my paint choice for the boys’ bathroom?  I either love paint or I don’t and I don’t tend to ‘just live’ with bad paint choices for as long as I have.  I blame a full time job and 3 kids under the age of 5 for the fact that the walls have remained a boring cream for 2 years.  Meh:


I’m a big believer in paint samples.  The only times I’ve ever loved paint colors were the times I put 3 or 4 samples on the wall before I committed.  Each time I’ve done that and loved the result I ended up going with the color I least liked in the store.  I never would have known that if I hadn’t done samples.  Go figure, the fluorescents at the store are not indicative of the lighting in your house (lets hope not anyway).  I went the patient route and bought samples before I committed for these 2 rooms and love them:

6 After   WhiteQuartzCarraraMarble

Lesson learned.  Be patient, buy swatches and pick the right color the first time.  Like The Bachelor.  Take them on one-on-one dates in various awkward settings, meet their families and then in the end just pick one and hopefully you’ll end up like Trista and not like Emily (the first or 2nd time).

It has been a while since I’ve painted something and was getting twitchy so I took Matthew to our 2nd home, Home Depot to look through swatches.  My starting point is the wall color in the hall (Behr Restful in the kitchen picture above): 


I needed a color that would coordinate well with it since you will be able to see both colors walking up the stairs.  Matthew told me we needed a blue and a green and Sean wanted an orange.  I narrowed it down to these 3:



Matthew chose this blue.  I applaud his daring style but couldn’t even commit to a sample of it.


Matthew and I painted swatches up on each wall (paint can look different depending on the light).  Matthew wants blue, I want green and Sean wants orange.  Things could get ugly…




20130224-IMG_7589  20130224-IMG_7592

I’ll let you know how my group date with these swatches goes and who gets the rose.