Sunday, August 25, 2013

Crimes against humanity...

(...well not really.  They're totally champagne problems).  A crime has been occurring in my house for 5+ years.  Call the sheriff.

My mom has been losing sleep over this.  Literally.  

84" drapes.  She finally could stand it no longer and showed up on my doorstep pleading with me to stop the horror.

She let me off on parole with strict instructions to install these 96" West Elm Scribble drapes in midnight blue.

I went with West Elm Woodland drapes in our dining room and was happy with how they turned out so I'll get these hemmed to 92" and install a beefier rod (that's what she said), closer to the ceiling.

These should add some pattern, interest and freshness to the living room.  Off to the seamstress to have these suckers hemmed!