Friday, June 12, 2015

Long time no post.  Sorry.  I've been trying to avoid house projects :)

We have a new Martin male in our household!  Meet Piper, our 7 month old rescue.

He has an insane amount of energy and eats everything in sight.  So basically he fits in with the other boys perfectly!

In other news our baby turned 4 last week.  If you're keeping track that makes a 4 year old, a 5 year old and a six year old in our house.  The puppy made perfect sense for our zoo.

We celebrated his birthday with a Monsters Inc. party.  With all the party supplies I've collected over the years I was able to pick out the purple and teal things from prior parties so I didn't have to buy much.

For some reason the boys have become anti-cupcake.  How is that even possible?  So I gave cake decorating a shot with this Sully cake.

I used store bought cake and frosting and used a decorating tip typically used to mimic grass to create the fur and my professional cake decorating sister sent me the door topper.  Piper got within an inch of eating it which meant he was an inch away from becoming a shelter doggy again (I'm kidding).  I'll keep my day job but the birthday boy loved it.

I added food coloring to 2 of the white cake layers for the surprise center.

We did finish the porch, I just haven't gotten around to writing that post yet.  Soon I promise!