Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'd Tell You a Joke About Mayonnaise but I Don't Want it to Spread

I made a pretty awesome discovery today (well I didn't actually discover it so much as I read it in This Old House).  Not awesome as in "I cured cancer" or "I figured out the tax code" (no I haven't filed my taxes yet, don't judge me) but more of a "well shoot isn't that neat" kinda discovery.  Mayonnaise removes water rings on wood furniture!

This is the 'before.'  It isn't a true before because I tried it once before I took any pictures.  It was full of water rings and very discolored.  There were 2 deep ones toward the front of the table that lingered after the first application:

I covered the water rings and let sit just long enough to put the baby down for a nap:

 Then I wiped the mayo off and used the remaining residue to wipe down the rest of the table.  Added benefit is that it revitalized the rest of the wood.  I then wiped the surface down with a wet rag to get rid of the mayo smell (not a good scent for a living room).

 Voila!  A revitalized, water ring-free table!

It turns out this crazy condiment also cleans crayon from walls (but not kitchen cabinets which I did try), fingerprints from stainless steel (success) and kills head lice.  I didn't have try this last one thankfully.  Little boys smelling of mayo is the last thing I need.

So anyway give it a shot on your own water rings!  Not curing cancer but pretty cool nonetheless!

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  1. Wow! You are cool Blogger! I cannot believe that you also can remove water rings with the use of mayonnaise. I also wrote an article about water rings, how to get rid of it. Can I leave a link? I highly respect your Blog so it is up to you if you will make it an active link.

    Here is the link to "Six Secrets to Remove Ugly Water Rings on Your Wooden Furniture" :

    Thank you so much Blogger.