Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Organization

This is what my deck usually looks like most summer evenings.  Swim trunks hanging off furniture, getting the cushions soaked, and towels, hung over the deck railing and eventually falling into the mulch below.  I’m not complaining about the sight of little boy swim trunks because seriously there is nothing cuter but…
           20120609-IMG_3001    20120609-IMG_2992
…extra laundry does make me angry.
3 messy boys + 1 blank wall = an idea:
A set of hooks and  buckets for life jackets, water shoes and pool toys.  I found the buckets at my 2nd home (the paint isle at Home Depot of course).
                                 20120616-IMG_3213      20120616-IMG_3201
                 20120616-IMG_3212      20120616-IMG_3206
Happy summer!
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