Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Miracle Happened Today...

Not in the 'turned water into wine' or 'walked on water' sort but more of the 'bachelorette found true love on a reality television show,' 'my kids let me sleep in a Saturday,' or 'I found jeans that I didn't have to hem' sort of miracle.  Something truly amazing.  I found a way to make shoes 1/2 size too small fit perfectly.  But Meghan, how's that possible you ask?  Stop drooling and pick yourself up off the floor and read on.  You're embarrassing yourself.

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I bought flats from Old Navy that were a little too small.  While I hemmed and hawed on whether to exchange them for a bigger size is all my free time the return period ended.  Then I happened upon the above trick.

As I dried my hair this morning I put on a pair of chunky socks, put the shoes on over them then blow dried my shoes on the warmest setting for 5 minutes.  I left the shoes and socks on until they cooled.  Once cooled I removed the socks and low and behold they fit perfectly!


  1. Hi Meg, Sorry to contact you through your comments, I couldn't find an email address for you. I don't think we've met, but I'm a member of Phila Soc Media Moms. I wanted to let you know about a local event that you might be interested in, here's the link that explains it furthur.

    hope you'll consider entering.
    Thanks, Denise

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