Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 6 - One Room Challenge Complete

This room is done('ish)!

Remember where we started?  This in 2006:

Then this just before the One Room Challenge began (boring and unfinished):

In the above picture you can see I have one long span of wall so I decided to break this wall up into 2 sections.  One half would be a leaning mirror and the other half would be a photo gallery.

I had planned on doing a post about DIY'ing an oversized, leaning mirror but after going 3 for 3 with sick kids and realizing that it would cost just as much to DIY as to buy it was a no brainer.  So here are my leaning mirror instructions - buy it.  I lived with it for a few days leaning but there was no way my boys weren't going to go crashing into it during one of their wrestling matches.  Up on the wall it went. The added perk here was that it added some visual height.

I had the same 'scrap the DIY' story on the photo gallery ledges.  I had considered building them (as I did here) but what I was looking for was available at IKEA for what it would have cost to build.  Once the ledges and the pictures were up on the wall my eye decided it wasn't right.  I think the scale was off.  See?

Regardless of the reason they had to go.  The silver (literally) lining was that I did really like the large, square frame hanging on the wall and decided that 6 of them grouped together would be the answer to fill the wall both horizontally and vertically.  Oh darn, back to IKEA.

Six 19"x19" silver frames arranged in a 2x3 pattern. Much better. You should see the swiss cheese for walls behind the frames. I have a masters in accounting but measuring throws me for a loop. I know the internet is full of strategies for easy ways to hang pictures in groupings but I didn't have the patience to research that. Squint your eyes and they're level'ish.

Interesting, woven paper backed with plain cardstock from Blick filled the frames (obviously ran out of material!).

New bedding, picking up the greens in the room:

I was going to swap out the nightstands for something mismatched and larger but never got to it so for now my IKEA Rast Hack stays.  They work well enough.

I finally finished wallpapering the backs of the bookshelf with grasscloth wallpaper.  

I filled the wall with my dresser by going shopping in my house.  Love free.  2 matching lamps and the signature matte frame from our wedding.  The price was right.

I purchased 2 canvas paintings from Overstock.  This for over the headboard:

...and this for the wall just inside the doorway.  Both are muted and pick up the colors in the room.

So that's it!  What I loved most about this design was that 1) it really wasn't a lot of construction and 2) I was able to reuse a lot of what I already had.  Some things I'll get to eventually are to update the nightstands and find a bench with some color but for now I'm calling this sucker done for now.  Later today or tomorrow I hope to post the updated Pax Hack hamper drawer fronts (the paint is drying!).  

Check all the great finished products over here.  Thanks to Linda for organizing this and to you for following along!  
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  1. Great makeover! Love the grasscloth in the bookcases and all your touches..especially that full length mirror. Warm and inviting and the perfect master. Great job.
    xo Nancy

  2. This looks so good! The soft tones brought out with the grasscloth and other textures, great job! xo

  3. What a beautiful suite! Calming and hotel-like....well done!!

  4. You made some great decisions about the mirrors and prints - it looks great! Love the grasscloth lining the bookcases!

  5. Isn't is nice to finally have it finished....nothing like a deadline! Looks great!

  6. Love how bright and airy your room looks! And the grasscloth on the back of the shelves looks fab.

  7. The room looks fantastic! I'm loving the grasscloth on the shelves!

  8. First of all, you've got fabulous taste Meg, if you managed to reuse most of what you already have, that speaks a lot on why this space turned out to be so beautiful! Crate & barrel or PB should hire your as a stylist!!!! You did a great job, you and the Mr. must be so pleased! CHEERS!

  9. Such a pretty and well edited space. Great job on your sophisticated bedroom!

  10. Now this is a master bedroom. I love all of your work, but the wallpaper on the back of the bookcase is really pretty. I need to come back to see how the hamper came out. I would have to hang a mirror, too. Leaning would not work in my home.

  11. I love the wall sconces. I am looking for something similar. The artwork is unique - really loving those as well as the use of the grasscloth. Great job!

  12. What a beautiful room! Even before you started I loved the windows and the floor and now you have transformed the space into a gorgeous retreat! Love it!

  13. Great job! This is a beautiful room and you should be so happy with the way it turned out!

  14. Beautiful room! I love the color choices, the sconces and the wallpapered bookcase. Super job!

  15. It looks so calm and serene, which is something I love in a master bedroom. Love it!

  16. Good call on the silver frames for the gallery wall. I love your leaning mirror instructions. ;) Overall, what a lovely space to retreat to at the end of the day.

  17. Love your room!! Where did you get the bedding? Sorry if you've mentioned it already.

    1. Thank you! It is from Pottery Barn. Pretty w/o being too feminine...

  18. looking for wardrobe collection available at IKEA