Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Despicable Me Birthday Party

So because we spent every spare moment the kids were asleep working on Brady's room it didn't leave much time for party planning.  So this is my Despicable-Me-Party-Put-Together-In-A-Few-Hours post.

Box cupcakes, blue frosting in a can (the color of minion overalls), half a Twinkie, black frosting and candy eyes from the baking isle made the minion cupcakes as requested by the birthday boy.  Sidebar: seriously are Twinkies not the most amazing food?  I realize that classifying them as a food is probably a stretch considering they probably share the same ingredients as Windex.  1/2 a box of Twinkies made a dozen cupcakes and the other half made my Sunday breakfast.

Yellow plastic constructions hats with minion stickers printed online made for minion hats for the party goers.

Yellow paper bags with the same minion sticker eyes made up the party favors.  Inside were "cookie robots" as baked by the birthday boy himself. We call him the Baker Man.

Guess how old he was?

He was a a pretty happy 4 year old that day :
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