Sunday, May 18, 2014

Looking Up

We're still in the mad dash to get the projects completed that will become messier post-new carpet installation.  That included recessed lighting and crown molding in the two remaining bedrooms.  Sean's done so many of these projects now that he gets them completed relatively quickly and without too much cursing.  I can't say enough good things about the Kreg Crown Pro tool.  Worth every penny of the $30 price tag.

The lights are 4" LED recessed cans.  Forgive the bad photo - lighting is tough to photograph.  Even though they're on the warmer spectrum of LED's they're still pretty white and take some getting used to.  Saving the world is full of sacrifice.  

Even better - the crown is up in Matthew & Evan's rooms!  It is amazing what a 3.5" piece of crown does for a room.   Squint your eyes and you can barely tell I haven't putty'ed the nail holes or painted it yet.  That's my strategy until I get the energy to get that done.

Sean finished the installation 12 hours before the carpet guys showed up and I was frantically caulking at 6 AM that morning.  

Detour.  As I was checking out the updates I realized I don't think I've shown you the boys bathroom.  I live with lots of men, short and tall.  Even the dog is a dude.  I'm embracing it and have decided the boys' bathroom should be uber masculine.  Navy and white stripped shower curtain from West Elm.

So those are the last 2 big projects we wanted to complete before the carpet.  Finished just in time!
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  1. Looks fantastic! I would have done the same thing...especially with three boys. I have one, and he can stomp like a wildebeest at times. lol Enjoy your new carpet.