Friday, July 11, 2014

...And The Winner Is...

...Muslin.  The folks at Benjamin Moore said I'm there so much it was time they give me the professional discount.  I've painted this room 3 times in my 5 year old's life.  They're probably right.  #paintaddiction.

The color I was going for was that of a worn baseball:

There really isn't a dramatic makeover here.  We went from a grayish taupe to a warmer tan.  Neutral to neutral.  The biggest reason for the new paint was that the walls were in terrible condition after our various renovations.  Nail pops and split drywall everywhere.  I think the prior homeowners had a rainbow mural at one point which left behind paint lines.  ROYGBIV.  3 coats of spackle and lots of sanding later and the walls looked like new.

The soon to be 6 year old helped out.

One more week until our baby is 6 and we can show him his big boy sports room!

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