Friday, October 16, 2015

Two Room Challenge - Week #2, Room #2

Hi again.  Week 2 of my self-imposed Two Room Challenge (you can check out the other participants here).  Head spinning yet?  I am.  The amount of demolition dust in my house is insane slash totally normal for us.   

Today is the powder room.  A reminder of we looked like a couple weeks ago...

...and how we look today.

The overall look I'm hoping for (though maybe I'll replace the wallpaper while we're at it?  I mean, it is 8 months old after all).

We're still in a hurry up and wait stance with the plumber so in the meantime we choose tile.  I love this herringbone slate floor (coincidentally from prior One Room Challenge participant!):

Because this is a very high traffic bathroom with boys who can't aim I'm going to go with a porcelain rather than natural slate.  This is a pretty good fake (it even feels real).  We bought it in 8" x 32" tiles and we're going to cut it down to 3 13/16" (got that?) x 7 3/4"...and when I say "we"...

My brother drafted up the design so we finalize the layout before we actually started cutting the tiles.  The hard part about herringbone is that you can't just cut tiles and lay them down.  In order for the design to work out perfectly you have to take into account the grout lines.  Hence the reason for the crazy 3 13/16" measurements.

No one should be surprised I asked the husband for the most complicated tile layout I could imagine.  I'm the same person who also sweet talked him into building me a crazy complicated gable :)  I think he still likes me.

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