Monday, September 23, 2013

Sprinkler System

I was debating about whether to blog about our latest home improvement project.  A sprinkler system for our lawn.  Want to tackle that on your own?  Here are some questions to ask yourself first:

1.      Do you enjoy 12-14 hour days of hard labor?
2.      Does creating small scale drawings of your property and cutting tiny circles to denote sprinkler water reach make your heart go pitter patter?
3.      Is using a ditch digger on your bucket list?
4.      Can you think of no better way to spend a Friday night than soldering plumbing joints?

If so this is definitely the job for you!  Otherwise…hire out. 

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  1. I came across your blog from the YHL feature today - loved the bathroom makeover! This irrigation post seriously made me laugh out loud as my husband I did the same thing this summer! I held the coil of plastic pipe while he pushed the ditch digger around and we had the EXACT same Friday night in where him and his father were soldering plumbing pipes! I too did not feel it was "blog worthy" but your post is spot on! I must admit we saved thousands of dollars DIYing though!

  2. We installed our own last summer. It has been a godsend. I love having it. It is hard, dirty work for sure. We got lucky and located a company that would draw up the layout and trench the pipe in. Then, all we did (actually my hubby ;) ) was make all the connections and put the heads, timer and valvles in. They trenched it for about $800 and we had been stock piling valves and heads when they were on sale for about 4 years. That same company comes out every fall before the snow flies to blow out the lines.

    1. $800 is a bargain to get all that done - good for you! So glad to hear it was worth it for you...we're still in the 'dirt' phase!

  3. I've been thinking about DIYing irrigation too. I'd love if you could do a detailed post on pros/cons of DIY, lessons learned, costs/savings, etc!

  4. Another vote for a detailed post on sprinkling system installation. We need to do this next summer.

  5. That sprinkler tunnel looks like the perfect addition to an outdoor obstacle course!
    I love it! I hope you'll consider sharing this post at the After School Linky Party on
    my blog right now I hope to see you there!