Sunday, September 1, 2013

Living Room Drapes

Done!  96" West Elm Scribble Curtains in midnight blue, hemmed to 92" to hang floor to ceiling.  I swapped the wimpy rod for an 1.25" diameter rod.  The triple window has 2 panels flanking each side to get the scale visually correct.

Before = too short, drab and not enough fabric for the scale of the window:

After = much better.

I still can't figure out the piano placement.  It looks like we could just shift it down towards the door but is actually a few inches wider than the door.  We can't shift it the other way toward the wall because then that side of the room is too heavy with furniture.  We can't move the couch because it faces the only wall we could put a TV on and still have it hidden.  What to do, what to do.

 Also I think I forgot to fill you in on finishing the door headers.  Remember how we couldn't find the 12 more feet we needed to finish off the headers and left it looking like this? You can't tell from the picture but the header stuck out further than the crown so we needed more crown to sit on top of the header so it stood out away from the wall, to look one one connected piece.  

Well after lots of searching someone from Home Depot recommended a lumber yard about a half hour away that took all the leftover molding from Home Depot.  Score.  Sure enough they had it!

Now the doorway has the depth we were after:

So the doorway went from looking like this...

To this!

Stick a fork in this living room.  It. is. done.  

For now.

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  1. I have a grand piano that is hard to position too...Maybe you could put the butt into that corner right of the window, so that the keyboard will be on the diagonal. Then you won't block the window and the piano will be on an angle to break up the room? Love your blog!!

  2. I thought something similar to the previous comment could work. Typically, grand pianos are meant to open towards the "audience", so perhaps just turning the piano around can make it possible to utilize the empty corner and let the sounds of the piano get better reverberation through the room.

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