Monday, December 30, 2013

Hamper Detour

We tend to work on multiple projects at a time so that's how I'll share them with you.  Probably feels scatterbrained to read but that's how it feels on this end.

We spent last New Year's Eve building our Ikea Pax hack closet doors so it is only fitting that I share with you the last step in that process this New Year's Eve Eve.  My favorite part of this hack was the hamper drawer.  We added a drawer front to give it a cohesive look with the doors:

You can find the steps we used to build the face here.  We backed into the drawer face design by lining up the horizontal pieces from the doors.

So there you have it!  Pretty storage :)
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  1. Meg,
    I gotta ask you--I remember that you cut down your PAX units to fit your shorter room--how did you do that? Was it easy? Any pitfalls? My ceiling is about 1" too short for the tall version, and I will need to cut them to fit. Thanks! Chris in CA

    1. Hi Chris - it was really easy. We cut the sides and back to the height of the room and then assembled using the normal instructions (just drilling new holes to attach it all). We weren't sure it would work but it was a piece of cake! You'd just need to either go doorless or build custom doors since the Pax doors won't fit. Hope that helps!

  2. Wow those look absolutely beautiful! Great job!

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