Thursday, February 13, 2014


We have power!  In related news I think I just set a world record in number of loads of laundry in one day.  A potty training 2 year old and a 4 day black out is a combination nightmares are made of.  After the laundry I moved on to the crown molding (that's normal right?).  We may not have milk but we have crown.

First off I decided to fork over the $30 to buy the Kreg Crown Pro tool.  
Worth every penny.  It took a few google searches to figure out how to use it but once we did it made the project way simpler.  The most confusing part for us was the definition of "left corner" and "right corner."  No more trying to figure out which way to hold the molding, what angle to cut the molding, which way to place the saw for inside and outside corners, etc.  This little tool measures your molding and your corners and shows you how to set your saw and hold the molding at the correct angle.  No more coping.  It made what has been a miserable 8-10 hour project for us in the past to a 3 hour project with much better results.  I nominate the peeps at Kreg for the Nobel Peace Prize for happy marriages.  

I started with the built-ins since those would be 'built out' the most and the other walls would need to sit upon that base.  The shelves that were there had no molding.  To beef it up we flipped a baseboard upside down and nailed that to the exiting header.  

We nailed spacer blocks of wood between the baseboard and the ceiling to ensure consistency.

Then we nailed the crown on top of the upside-down baseboard.

Some before & after's:


The best part was that zero F-bombs were dropped in the installation of this trim.
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