Monday, February 17, 2014

Windows and Doors

The window and door trim was just a standard trim that is throughout the house.  I'm usually a fan of keeping it all consistent but the stiles for the wainscoting is slightly thicker than the window and door trim which would have created created mismatched seams.

We considered basic flat paneled trim but ultimately decided it was too craftsman for our colonial home.  Instead we went with this:

It is thicker than the wainscoting so the transition from trim to wainscoting would make sense.

First I had to remove the old trim, then score seam to separate the trim from the jamb, held together by a dozen layers of paint and caulk.  This ensured I didn't damage the drywall or the jamb, neither of which I was interested in replacing.  Finally, starting at the bottom, I slowly pulled the trim out of the wall with a pry bar.

Ready for new trim!

Next up, wainscoting!
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