Thursday, September 11, 2014

Barrel Ceiling

Tuesday night after work in the dark sounds like a good time to figure out a ceiling.  So here we go.  The gable is currently framed but now we have to add in the rafter ties and the blocks that we'll attach the bead board ceiling to.  You can see our very technical idea of the arch we're looking for using side walk chalk.  

We still need to figure out how we're going to step down the barrel ceiling and transition into the beams that run from the posts back to the house and to the straight, shed style sections of the porch.  Obviously I turned to pinterest.

Husband will love this stained bead board style.

Looks like they had the same "need to cover ugly exposed cinder block" problem we do.  i think we'll do something similar but instead of siding in that triangle some kind of decorative white wainscoting.
Like basically everything else in this project we've never built a barrel ceiling so obviously that's what we'll do :)
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