Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Porch Floor

So we took a couple weeks off from porching (a new word I've made up that means building a porch when you have no idea what you're doing) and were hoping we could get the township out this week to inspect the framing and then maybe get the roof and gutters installed next week.  We thought we were in good shape.  Not so much.  Then we remembered we needed to install more hardware, frame the barrel ceiling and fix all the holes in the floor.

We donned our grubby work clothes and poured concrete during a thunderstorm.  Sounds dumb (and might be) but concrete actually cures better if it is kept wet because it allows it to dry slower).

Our floor over time had grout cracks, stones popped up, etc. We also had holes left where the old posts used to be.  So we dug out the bad sections, mixed 100 lbs of concrete and filled the holes.  I won't pretend to tell you we knew what we were doing.  Shoulder shrugs all around but at least it looks better than it did a week ago.

It doesn't look perfect but at least the stones aren't moving anymore and by the time it gets a layer of dirt and dust on it I figure we won't really see it.
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