Friday, December 7, 2012

Countdown to Noon!

In my past life staying up until midnight, drinking champagne and watching the ball drop was a good time.  Now I can’t remember the last time stayed up until midnight…heck I haven’t even seen Saturday Night Life in years.

Holidays take on a whole new meaning and become a little more special experiencing them through the eyes of children.  New Year’s Eve is usually reserved for adults but in order to bring the fun to our kids Sean and I threw a “Countdown to Noon” party with our friends and their little ones.

We had an easy menu of strata, bagels, fruit and cookies, all of which could be made the day before.  There were bubbles in containers shaped like champagne bottles, noise makers and hats for the kids.  At the stroke of noon we had a “ball drop” (balloons) and kissed our babies. 

All in all a pretty sweet way to start out the new year. 

Party hats for the big kids…


…and for the little guys to!


The party hats doubled as snacks for some.


Bubbles in plastic champagne bottles:


A “ball drop” (balloons) at noon.


Hugs from the little ones started 2012 out perfect.


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