Friday, December 28, 2012

I didn’t mean to do it…

We are in the process of switching computers so I wanted to find my Adobe Lightroom CD so it was ready to install on the new machine.  After digging through our bookshelf in our office I got frustrated and took everything off the shelves to reorganize…then I figured as long as it was empty I may as well sand it down and refinish it.  Does everyone’s brain’s operate this way?

I decided early on that this was the very definition of turd polishing.  The shelf was built on the old carpet and when it was removed it left a ring of carpet pad.  There were gaps at the sides and ceiling.  It was pretty bad but I pushed on with the polishing
This is the before of the room when we moved in. 
        DSC00805   DSC00804
I sanded the bookshelf with an orbital sander and then primed it with an oil based primer.  I don’t usually use oil based unless it is a wood I’m not totally confident is perfectly dry or in instances like these where I need a really good sticky coverage.  It is really stinky stuff so keep the windows open and place bowls of baking soda around the room.  Then I painted it with 3 coats of Benjamin Moore’s Decorator White leftover from our master bath reno.

I was pleasantly surprised with the result!
Before & After:
             20121222-IMG_6715-2  20121228-IMG_7051
Crown molding now hides the gap between the shelf & the ceiling.  Filler trim covers the gap between the walls and shelves.
       20121222-IMG_6717-2  20121225-IMG_7043
Gross carpet pad that the shelves were apparently built on top of now hidden by baseboard trim.
    20121222-IMG_6718-2  20121225-IMG_7035 
     20121222-IMG_6716-2   20121225-IMG_7046
     20121228-IMG_7081   20121228-IMG_7069
Labels for the baskets to hide the clutter.
And to keep it real, it actually isn’t all that well organized. This is what one of those baskets looks like.
Since we already had out the nail gun and paint we also decided to trim out our master bedroom.  Oh and since we were already working on the master bedroom Sean figured he’d build 6 tongue and groove closet doors from scratch for our new closets.  That’s normal behavior right?  It is a good thing we’re married to each other.  Anyone else would divorce us.

I never did find the CD.  Turns out I never had one.  It was a download from Adobe’s site.
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