Monday, April 15, 2013

...and then, oops, this happened...

A nail every inch in a room 22' x 16' means I pryed out about a bajillion nails yesterday.  I'll be back with more details after my hands unfreeze from the claw position.
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  1. I leave you for one week, and you demolished the place. What? The sconces are beautiful, and your inspiration pictures are exactly what I would pick, too. Why did you take out the floors?

  2. Thank you! There were these really great "features" in the floor that kind of resembled a cult symbol and ainimal urine stains :) We figured why invest a ton of time and money into the wall treatment only to pull up the floors a few years down the road!? We're clearly a little crazy too... 3 weeks in to my own self-imposed "6 week room challenge" and I'm currently only looking at a subfloor!