Friday, April 12, 2013


So #1 on my living room shape up to-do list was to improve upon the lighting. 
The very first thing we think about when we begin a renovation process is the lighting design.  In most rooms we’ve started with recessed lights and then layered in pendants or sconces and table lamps.  Lighting is the living room’s biggest problem but because we’re not interested in turning our ceiling into Swiss Cheese accessing wires and because we don’t really want overhead lights in our living room we’ve decided to forego recessed cans and stick with sconces and table lamps.

We’ve just begun our wainscot project so if we’re Sean’s going to install sconces it needs to be done before the woodwork is done so we can cover the holes in the wall with the woodwork.  I went on the hunt for sconces with the below characteristics.  I’m like Katniss in the Hunger Games when it comes to internet shopping.
1.       A good source of light.  Sounds obvious but some lights are prettier than functional.

2.       A light that is fairly muted.  Because this would be a primary light source it would be on 
           most of the time so it had to be something easy on the eyes.

3.       Casual.  This room is definitely going to be more formal than our family room but still has to
           be livable and kid friendly.  The lights needed to help tone down the formality of the trim.
The Francis sconce at Pottery Barn met all 3 requirements and because we’ve installed them in our bedroom about a year ago Sean was familiar with the install and happy with the quality.  A known quantity. 

I applied my 15% off coupon and was able to get 4 sconces for $250.  Decent deal for 4 lights.  Because I bought it online through I was also able to get $13 deposited into my kids 529 college savings account.  Thank you Pottery Barn for supporting my kids’ college educations!
The sconces were delivered yesterday so Sean will install them tomorrow.  Pictures to follow! 
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