Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday odds and ends...

We have been experiencing a drenching rain for about 24 hours now.  Great for the lawn, not great for little boys' cabin fever.  Deciding that these are exactly the moments washing machines were invented for I decided that if we couldn't beat the rain we'd join it.

So we put on our boots and went puddle hunting. I won't remember the load of laundry in 20 years but we'll remember that fun afternoon :)

When we got back I found that a fairy godmother had left a very heavy package on our front porch.  It was heavier than a 2 year old with a soggy diaper after a puddle jumping.

It was the shell I've been eying for YEARS!  This thing has endless options as far as what to do with it.  For now I have it in the fireplace with some fake Ikea plants.  It really adds a nice summer lightness to the fireplace.  Love it fairy godmother!

Speaking of plants we've made some tweaks to the living room.  We added a plant to the corner.  I have a black thumb so here's hoping I don't kill it.  In fact as I was taking this picture I was wondering when the last time I watered it was.  Now that I'm typing that I'm thinking that same thought...and this is why my plants die.

Also to fill the empty wall space next to the TV we added a sunburst mirror from HomeGoods.  Placing a mirror on a wall opposite a window reflects natural light.  

Photobombed by Superman Brady.

Time to go water that plant :)
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  1. It has been rainy! Looks like your guys had fun in the puddles :) I like the shell and I really LOVE the rug in the foreground!

  2. I love how you've made your house your home. I wish I'd have your talent and eye for design, but since I don't, I am getting inspired :-). I was wondering for a while how to combine red with blue and beige, and your rug is the answer! Love it. Whould you mind sharing where you got it? Maybe you did in another post but I didn't get a chance to read all your blog, but I'm getting there :-)

    1. Thanks so much Ramona! I liked it for the space because it added some color to a room full of neutrals. The rug is and hook and loop rug from Pottery Barn but is about 4-5 years old. When I can't find something sold out I sometimes have luck finding them on eBay. Also I've seen similar styles at Target. Good luck in your search!