Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 5 (Part 1) of the One Room Challenge

Week 5 - one week left!  Check out prior weeks here.  I was humming along nicely until week 5 when we decided to start 3 new projects on the room.  Awesomesauce.  I'll break this week into a couple posts.  First up, grasscloth wallpaper.

I've always had a thing for grasscloth wallpaper.  I love the natural colors, the texture...heck I even love the seams.  With designs like these who wouldn't?


Caccoma Interiors

Markham Roberts
Before I decided to paint the room I had considered grasscloth wallpaper.  I ultimately decided against it because I have been dodging the wallpaper gods for 30 years now.  You see when I was little my design guru mother spent an exhausting day wallpapering my room.  Not 24 hours later my brother and I decided it would be a good idea to rip all of said wall paper off the walls.  If she didn't give us up for adoption that day I knew she never would.  So you see the wallpaper gods have been waiting to exact their revenge on me ever since.  

That is how I ended up with painted walls.  My mom, forgiving me for my wallpaper destruction, found a roll of grasscloth wallpaper in an odds and ends bin at the wallpaper store and picked it up for me.  Perfect for a small project like adding some interest to the backs of our bedroom bookshelves.

I have a very short attention span so a year from now odds are good that I will want a new look for my shelves so I decided the apply the wallpaper to wood panels that I could change them out.  We had some leftover wood in the garage so the husband cut them down to size.  I had considered priming them and using wallpaper adhesive like it should be installed but decided to take a short cut and just used Modge Podge.  It worked out fine.  Ta-da...and then I ran out of wood so I'll finish the rest up by week 6.

Hmmmm, what could be that wood thing just below the shelf you ask?  That's the husband's latest project that I'll get into in another post :)

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