Thursday, August 28, 2014


So now that we've got the porch framed and the metal roof templated we're taking a breather for the Labor Day holiday.  While we take this break lets look at the end game.  My favorite part.  The decor.

The porch should be completed sometime this fall which allowed us to time the end of season patio furniture sale perfectly.  Lets be honest, when I say time the end of season sale it really just means I'll be gouged a little less than I would have been in June.  Seriously I had no idea I'd end up having to spend more for quality outdoor furniture than I would spend on my indoor furniture.  Well I didn't have to.  It isn't like someone holds a gun to your head telling you to buy wicker.  I digress.

We spend a good amount of time on our front porch.  While we love the back for BBQ'ing and pool time we love the front for some shade and to watch the boys swing on the tree swing.

Anyhoo I settled on this classic wicker set in dark brown.  Or 'mocha' as the store called it.  Which sounds silly so let's call it dark brown.  The cubes will do double duty as our coffee table and extra storage for pillows, etc.  The set came with bright white cushions but with three little boys I expect them to stay white for approximately 8 minutes.  So I also ordered the Sunbrella slipcovers in yellow as a nice contrast against the brick.  Those Sunbrella slipcovers better look great for years to come and with as expensive as they were I think they should also promise to do my laundry.

Below are two different ways to style the porch using the same furniture to take us from spring to fall.  Now we just need to finish this sucker so we can finally sit down on our new furniture!

Summer Porch

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