Monday, April 13, 2015

Blue Hue

So I mentioned previously that I had planned to go with Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams.

Spoiler alert - it looked terrible on my walls.  Getting swatches always feels like a waste of money and time but almost every time I end up choosing a different color than I would have thought based on the little cards.

When choosing a blue for your wall paint always go grayer than you'd think.  In large doses it reads way bluer than it does on the card (and even on the small test swatch).  Also apply test swatches on each wall as each wall may show the color a little differently based on lighting.

I mixed some Benjamin Moore Haley Navy and Revere Pewter I had on hand (4:1 ratio) and ended up with that gray blue on the white scrap wood in the bottom right hand corner.  That was my end goal.  I ordered samples of 4 different shades of what looked like gray blue on the cards.  Top left was too green, top right (Indigo Batik, the original inspiration) was too purple and the bottom two were the contenders for a true gray/blue.  The one on the right looks about right and the one on the left looks pretty gray but using my "always go grayer than you think" rule I went with the one on the left.  Slate Tile by Sherwin Williams.  Even the name sounds gray.

This one ended up as the winner winner, chicken dinner:

Pretty gray right?  

Then in large doses it looks like this.  Magically it reads much more blue.

I'm still not totally sold but I'm hoping that once I get rid of that green and add some art I'll feel better about it.
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  1. I'm sure it will be absolutely lovely once you've gotten rid of the green. That paint colour is one of my favourites!