Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tweaked Powder Room Design

So because we ended up pulling the drywall down it opened up new possibilities for us.  I really like wall paper but it is a lot of pressure to get something that is perfect and then I feel like I'm handcuffed into keeping it forever.

I'm also very tired of spending money at this point.  I have about 20 gallons (I'm not kidding) of paint in the basement and I really only needed a half gallon max so I dug around and wound up with tried and true Revere Pewter.  There aren't many spaces where this color won't work.  This is the same color in the family room so it'll leave the 1st floor looking cohesive.

The next hiccup was the mirror and the light.  We figured as long as we were pulling down the drywall why not rewire the lighting for an overhead rather than a sconce? I prefer sconces but the room is so small that there is almost no sconce that will fit.  I bought an overhead light without taking the mirror into account.  Not so fast.

I love this West Elm mirror that we had in the room before but unfortunately it is 3" deep and the light (and most lights) have less than that in clearance between the light and the wall.  I will definitely repurpose this elsewhere.  Stay tuned.  So I searched high and low for a replacement.

It turns out I didn't need to look any further than my dining room.  I had this round, wood mirror that I scored from Target clearance for under $20 this summer.  The size and the price were right.

So now this is where we're headed and the finish line is in sight!!!

powder room

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