Friday, December 4, 2015

Powder Room Reveal

Finally this room is DONE!  I knew it was a hard working room but man was that 3x5' space missed!

A quick reminder of where we started when we bought the house:

Then it looked like this (briefly) before we discovered water damage. 

Today it looks like this!

Bright and timeless (I hope because I don't want to do this again anytime soon).

Who doesn't love a herringbone floor?  See how the design features all full sized tiles end to end?  That took a ton of math and tile cutting.  I'd recommend not doing that again :)
We replaced the other toilet with one a bit more standard.  The other, while the prior homeowners spent about three times what I would have spent on a toilet, was an odd size.  Disappointingly this one does not clean the pee from poor boy aim on the seat as I would have hoped.


The mirror was sourced at HomeGoods by my personal shopper (thanks Mom) and I think does a nice job of stretching out the narrow room a bit.  We swapped the sconces for one overhead light.  The best part about the room isn't something anyone else would notice but we replaced the awful drywall, builders grade molding and the and the ceiling.  It all looks so clean now.


And for good measure - one last look at that pretty floor :)                                And because when it rains it pours I'm awaiting my new couch delivery any minute!  My kids told me yesterday that there were 23 wake ups until Christmas and 1 wakeup until couch delivery day.  There is no denying they're my children :)
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  1. Congratulations, your bathroom looks great!! Classic and timeless will always equal a win. If you ever hear of a toilet that self cleans boy pee mess, PLEASE let me know ;)

  2. Omg I LOVE that floor.

    I must say, I do miss the teal a little bit, just because, well I thought that was genius and very original looking. But of course, this is also stunning, so it's impossible to really complain.

    Love your taste to bits! x