Monday, October 20, 2014

Bead Board

We declared last weekend, "get 'er done" weekend.  Goal: No scaffolding by Sunday.

Remember where we started.  Tired...

 ...and not exactly safe.

So we pulled it down and rebuilt the shed portion to the right of the front door...

...and to the left.

Cut out the middle and built a barrel ceiling gable.

Then we ordered about a mile of PVC trim.

And we slowly nailed up 142 bead board planks.  Literally 142.

Ignore the rough edges and the dirt.  They'll be finished with...something...haven't exactly agreed on what just yet.  Then putty, caulk and paint will make it all look seamless and clean.

To cover the headers that support the gable we got clever and wrapped it with column wraps.

The columns wraps are pre-made and mitered perfectly.  They come with the corners all taped so you apply the glue to the inside, close around your wood supports and then after the glue dries, peel off the tape for a perfect edge.  We could have wrapped it with PVC boards and saved a little money but because it is in such a visually prominent place we wanted the edges perfect.  Success!

Installation on the shed portion of the ceiling flew and was completed in a day but the quick work came to as screeching halt when we had to meet the flat ceiling to the barrel.

We had to cut two planks at odd angels to get both the barrel and the flat ceiling portions to exactly meet. Ours was a tricky 132 degrees and because the saw doesn't cut that angle there was a lot of creative maneuvers.  I won't even try to explain it (because I literally can't - Sean's the math guy).  They couldn't be more than a degree or two off without screwing up the rest of the ceiling.

We cut it (punny) close but we met our goal.  Sunday night and the scaffolding is gone!

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