Monday, October 6, 2014

Raise the Roof

Finally after 5 weeks of waiting the roofers began installing our custom standing seam, black metal roof!  I've been sweating bullets since I first handed over the deposit check wondering how it would look, hoping it didn't look like a strange add on.

Thankfully I love how it is looking.  They still need to add the ridge cap, install the inlay (on that plywood section in the base of the triangle) and then patch in the shingles but so far I'm loving it.  Ignore the fact that the lawn is severely neglected, the gutters are a joke and basically everything is a mess.  Squint your eyes and focus on the pretty metal.  

You'll notice we also started the trim work.  We spent at least a month measuring, re-measuring, coming up with a supply list (so many different sizes needed) and then price shopping this trim so I was relieved when a massive shipment of PVC trim was delivered last week.  We decided to go with the much more expensive PVC option because I like to spend money once this sucker is finally done we have no interest in ever redoing it or repairing rotting wood.  

The trim looks pretty rough right now but once all the pieces are layered and the trim cap pieces are installed it'll look seamless (I hope anyway). 

We covered all the headers.

...and cut the large sheets for each of the 3 inlays (semi-circle above the door, triangle above the exterior gable and the semi circle on the other side of the gable).  These were expensive sheets and I was pretty sure we'd be buying more with at least one bad cut but it looks like we managed to not screw them up. 

We still have miles and miles of trim to install but at least now everything we do will have a visual reward.  Does anyone know how to fill seams on PVC for the exterior (I'm painting it)?  Nail holes I'm good with but I can't figure out the seams...
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  1. It's looking so good. Sorry I don't know anything the pic seams.

  2. Generally you just use exterior caulk to fill seams in PVC.

    1. Thanks Tom! Will it collect dust, etc. or does painting over the caulk prevent it?

  3. Painting prevented most dust collection... similar effect if you are caulking baseboards and painting over the caulk, the dust won't stick, but it will settle.

  4. Though it seems as you still have a long way before finishing the renovation, seeing your beautiful roof successfully installed is a relief. At the very least, you won't have to worry about sudden weather changes. I hope it will continue to progress swiftly in the upcoming weeks. Good luck!

    Paul Dabbs @ P.D. Custom Homes