Monday, October 27, 2014

Crowning Achievement

We're getting there!

We had ordered a bunch of brick mould and cove moulding to trim out the edges of the bead board ceiling but it didn't look right and would have been extra work because it required routing out the back.   The more I thought about it classic crown moulding was a better option.  I hated to waste the expensive material we already had but we've already spent so much time and money so it was the right call and saved us a ton of time.

The crown is made of the same PVC material as the rest of the trim.  We used the Kreg Crown Pro tool which I love.  Saves us so much time and money each time.  We were able to get the 2 sides of the shed portion to the sides of the gable done in a couple hours.

The gable portion was much tougher and we have no idea why.  This part took us 3x as long and we ended up wasting a bunch of expensive material.  Ouch.

Finally the underside of the porch is heading into the home stretch.  The only portions left are the trim above the door and the columns wraps...

...oh and filling holes, caulking, sanding and painting until Easter!
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