Friday, January 31, 2014

Built-In Demo

It has to get worse before it gets better right?  Built-in demo time.

The morning before I started I was rushing around, collecting my oldest son's hockey gear ready for practice.  When he noticed it was me taking him and not the baby daddy he stated "I don't want Mommy to take me because she won't be able to get my helmet on because boys are stronger than girls."

What the what the?!

Yes I may sometimes be mistaken for a 14 year old...and yeah I'm barely 5' tall and maybe I haven't yet tipped into the triple digits in my weight class but I would like to think that I'm a pretty capable person.  If I physically can do it I will.  I won't even buy gas in NJ because it makes me uncomfortable to have someone pump gas for me.  Big on my child rearing bucket list is to raise boys who fully understand and respect equality.  Rant over.  And that folks is how I decided that I decided to make this room mom's project.

The biggest change to the room would be to knock out the middle 2 units of the built-in shelves.   This would make room for the bed. Flash back to the before:

I drew a straight line using a T-squre and then using a Dremel I slowly cut out the middle and base shelves, careful not to damage the shelves I was keeping.

These will be sanded smooth, patched and painted.  Hopefully it will look like they were never there.  I wasn't concerned about damaging the floors because 1) they couldn't look any worse and 2) we're shopping around for wall to wall carpet.

...and I just realized that the shoes I wore on my wedding day are in the top right hand side of this picture a few shelves up from the spackle.  Clearly I don't take care of my things like I should (or I just take way too good of care of my spackle).  

Happy accident: The missing shelves also make a nice jump for the boys' cars.  Obviously.

Next up for the shelves:

  1. Install sconces (mama doesn't do electrical so the husband will take this one)
  2. Add filler and crown at the top of the shelves.
  3. Add Baseboard
  4. Some kind of woodwork in the center
  5. Patch & Paint
I've never done woodwork and things like measurements and fractions throw me so this could be very, very bad.  I'm envisioning colorful language. 
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