Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cool Cat

Brady is a cool cat.  In my next life I want just half of the self-confidence that kid has.  He can sport a pair of sunglasses indoors with a pink watch and somehow pull it off.  His room had to be cool.

Remember how I said I had crossed off wainscoting of my DIY bucket list and I never needed to do it again?  Well apparently woodworking is like childbirth.  You're so happy with the end result you forget all about it and do it again.  So here we go...

For Brady's room here's what I'm thinking.  White board and batten wainscoting 2/3 of the way up the wall with navy paint above.  Maybe capped with a ledge to hold pictures around the room.
This is the general idea with the shelves:
Source Unknown
Orange accents against the navy walls.
I'm currently debating whether to hang the sconces off the bookshelves or straight off the walls.  

Elle Decor
Here. We. Go. Again.
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