Monday, August 4, 2014

That Time the Porch Started Falling Off...

When we moved in our house looked like this.  Sad.

Then we took down some trees, replaced the windows and front door and added the black shutters.

Over time it became obvious that the porch was pulling away from the house.  You can see the roof separating from the flashing here:

The question was why?  Either the porch was sinking or the framing was failing.  We were hoping for the latter.

A porch that may or may not fall on your head is not exactly welcoming to visitors.  UPS should get hazard pay for delivering to our house.  So one lazy Sunday afternoon we pulled down the ceiling.  I'm pretty sure the neighbors were staring at us from their windows saying, "there is something wrong with those two."

Once the ceiling was down we were able to see that the porch wasn't properly attached to the house.  Everything had rusted out and pulled away from the brick.  The good news is that the frame was fine.  Rather than pull the entire porch off and start over we just need to repair how the frame is secured.  Much less time and money.  Or as I like to say now I can spend the 'savings' on the finishes :)

The house is currently very flat looking.  We're using this as an opportunity to give our house some depth.  Maybe add in a pitch?  Change out the roof style?  Watch out Pinterest, here I come.
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