Friday, August 8, 2014

Getting a Plan Together.

So now that I've fallen in love with the idea of a gable over the door to break up the straight roof line we've moved on to the design process.  Lucky for me I have a drafting brother and an architect brother in law.  We've mentioned to the neighbors that we're considering a gable and so far two (one who owns a construction company) have told us that they considered it and priced it out and the project ended up being way too complicated.  I have an idea.  We've never built a porch.  Ever.  Let's come up with the most complicated plan and go with that.

So this is the basic idea.  You can see the old shed style roof on the sides.  We'll cut out the middle, add gable headers and frame the pitch.  Piece of cake says the person not actually doing the framing.

This is a general idea of how it will change the look of the house.

So now our heads are spinning with permit applications, building codes, drawings, measurements, etc.

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