Monday, August 18, 2014

Sconce Makeover

Mama loves these sconces.  Mama doesn't want to pay $400 for these sconces.

Pottery Barn
These are the drab gray sconces that came with the house.  First I cleaned them.

Then I taped everything but the metal.

Sprayed them hammered metal black.

Better already.

Then I used what we have no shortage of in our house (grocery and home depot bags) and covered everything but the tops.

...and sprayed them hammered copper.

Definitely doesn't look as good as the $400 version but it was 2% of the price so it'll work for now.  I'm not totally sold on them.  Do I leave them two toned or spray it all back to black?

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  1. I think they'd look pretty great if they were all copper...maybe?

  2. All black is better, in my opinion :)