Friday, August 22, 2014

Framing the Gable

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So now that we've been told by no fewer than two neighbors that gable construction is extremely complicated and because we've never done one before we decided we should totally build a gable.

This is all Sean.  Seriously the most capable human being I've ever met.  Easy on the eyes too.  He doesn't have a construction background at all and yet somehow he framed a gable.  So when I left you last we were looking at a lot of natural light coming into our front door due to our missing roof.

Roof building is super complicated unless you are some kind of geometry genius so I won't even try giving step by step instructions.  Actually now that you mention it porch building is not a DIY project.  Hire out.  Sean's just crazy.

This is the beginning of the framing.  The headers are protruding pretty far out but that is just because we weren't sure how much we were going to bring the gable out so we left ourselves options until we decided. 

Then a few days later we Sean finished the framing.  You'll notice a little fanciness in the front triangle.  I'm sure there are more technical construction terms for "fanciness" and "front triangle" but I'm an accountant not a builder so fanciness it is.  This is the framework for the recessed inlay we're going for.  There will be a strip of black metal (matching the roof) that will run along the base of the triangle and then the rest will be trimmed out in white.

Sean's goal was to sheathe by the end of last weekend so at 9 PM Sunday night, after the kids went to bed, we donned our camping headlights and I handed 5' sheets of plywood up to a husband standing on a framed-in roof in the dark.  I still can't believe we haven't made any ER trips.  So far the pace has had to be crazy because heading into hurricane season without a roof or gutters would be bad news bears.

Goal achieved.  2 sheets of plywood are up.  Now comes the part Sean has been dreading.  Figuring out how to tie the old roof angles in with the new roof angles.  My head hurts just thinking about it.

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