Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Husband of the Year

It’s official.  Close the voting.  My husband has already locked up Husband of the Year. 
When I originally came up with the bathroom design I didn’t know exactly how we were going to accomplish all of it because a lot of it was uncharted materials for us but we usually figure it out as we go.  One of the aspects of the design called for a wood paneled tub apron.  I know, I know.  Wood in a wet room?  Mama wants a wood paneled tub apron, mama gets a wood paneled tub apron.
I priced out wood paneled aprons at a few places and they topped $1K.  1) Not in my budget and 2) the style/color of the panels wouldn’t be custom to match the vanity we already had.  I’m not spending that kind of money for something that probably wouldn’t match.  Back to the drawing board.
My non-carpenter husband casually mentioned on Saturday that he was going to go to the lumber yard to see about building the apron himself.  Now he is the most talented DIY guy I know but carpentry is an art that even he’ll admit it wasn’t one of his top talents.  I wished him well but knew in my head that this was going to turn out very badly.  There would be a lot of long afternoons spent in the garage.  There would surely be a lot of colorful language.  We’d end up spending lots of money in materials and we would have decided after the fact that it would have been cheaper/easier to DIY.
He returned from the lumbar yard with all his materials, excited about the project.  I nod, smile and wish him well.  We bathe the boys and put everyone to bed and I decide to call it a night as well.  He then retreats to the garage to build me a tub apron.  He did it!  True wood paneled, tongue and groove style.  Seriously the thing is a work of art.  Now to get the correct stain formula to match the vanity... 
He worked all night long, so as to not take away from his weekend time with the family, finally climbing into bed at 4:58 AM.  The first of the kids woke up 52 minutes later and he got up with them without a single complaint.  He then took 2 out of 3 of them to church that morning, took them to the park in the afternoon and made dinner…and have you seen him in a tool belt?  I digress…
Seriously Sean, stop, you’re making me look bad.  Well maybe 5 more minutes...



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