Sunday, March 18, 2012

Piece of Cake

We break from renovations about 4 times a year (the kids' birthdays and Christmas) :) I would love to be able to say that we take it easy on our own birthdays but then that would mean that I wasn't ripping up old carpet on my birthday last year. Anyhoo...yesterday we celebrated our middle child, Brady's, 2nd birthday. I saw Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes at the bakery but at $2/per they were a little out of my budget. Maybe in my next life I'll be the kind of gal willing to drop $2 on a cupcake.

I still wanted to make Brady Elmo cupcakes (mommy guilt for the middle child???) but I'm an accountant, not a baker, so I took a gander down the baking isle at the grocery store. I picked up a chocolate boxed mix, orange jelly beans and frosting in a can that came with really convenient decorating tips built right in in blue and red. I already had Chips Ahoy, chocolate covered Oreos, white chocolate discs (you can use big marshmallows too) and chocolate chips. Assembling them was a breeze!

Brady was still talking about his Elmo cupcakes the next morning so I'd say they were a hit!

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